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EasyPay Plans

EasyPay is a program that allows you to have your upcoming real estate tax payments automatically deducted from your checking or savings account.  To participate, your real estate taxes must be current or you must be on an active delinquent tax re-payment plan.  A separate form must be completed for each parcel you want to enroll in EasyPay.

The following debit options are available:

Monthly - 1/6th of your estimated future tax bill will be withdrawn from your account around the 5th of each month.  Each January and July the remaining balance due for the period will be withdrawn from your account on the last day of the collection period.

Semi-Annual - Withdrawals will occur twice a year on the last day of each collection period in January and July.  You may elect to have the first payment made on the last business day of December instead of the collection closing date.

Annual - Your full year tax amount will be withdrawn either on the last business day in December or the last day of the January tax collection.

Regardless of which option you choose, you will receive a tax bill in June and December informing you of the final amount due.  Do not send in a payment with the bill as it will be debited to your bank account.

Call (216) 443-7420 for more information.

Easy Pay Brochure PDF
EasyPay Application

EasyPay FAQs

How do I change my account information?
Two options:
  1. Click here to complete the “Automatic Withdrawal Account Change” request. Return the completed form via fax to: 216-443-7482 or email:
  2. Submit an EasyPay application online and indicate “account change” in the Notes/Comments section.

What if I sold my property?

Step 1: Notify the Treasury regarding the status of your EasyPay plan. (E.g. request deactivation of the account)

Step 2: (If applicable) Request a refund check for prepayments submitted through the program. Send your request to: and include the parcel number, property address, your name, current mailing address and phone number.

** Please be advised: The EasyPay participant is responsible for requesting any overpayment of prepaid taxes, following the sale of the property. Refund requests are researched prior to processing.

When will I receive my prepayment coupons?
Coupons are mailed near the end of January and July. If you have not received your coupons by Mid-February or Mid-August, please call: 216-443-7420 for assistance.

Will I be penalized for paying my prepayment coupon late?
No. Penalty charges are not assessed on prepayments.

How do I stop my EasyPay participation? 
Click here to complete the “ACH Cancellation Request” form for EasyPay automatic debits. Send the request via fax to: 216-443-7482, email: or mail to: Cuyahoga County Treasurer, 2079 East 9th St, Cleveland OH 44115. Call (216) 443-7420 to stop EasyPay coupon mailings.