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Real Estate Taxes

In accordance with state law, property taxes are billed at the end of the year in which they are assessed; For instance, the taxes billed in December 2015 (payable in 2016) are the tax charges assessed for the “first half” of 2015 (January – June) and the “second half” of 2015 (July – December). In this example, the “first half” billing is due in January of 2016 and the “second half” billing is due in July 2016. The collection closing date changes per billing cycle, and is indicated on the property tax bill.

Although you are normally billed for property taxes twice a year, you may also pay the (optional) full year tax during the “first half” collection. EasyPay is a convenient and secure program that allows taxpayers to have property tax payments automatically withdrawn from a checking or savings account on a monthly, annual or semi-annual basis. To participate, all taxes must be paid up to date or on a valid delinquent payment agreement.