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For information regarding a tax certificate sold in October 2016, please call TAX EASE OHIO, LLC at: 1-866-907-2626. Customer Service representatives are available
Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. EST. 
If your parcel was subject to the 2016 tax certificate sale, you may mail payments to Tax Ease Ohio, LLC at the following address:

Tax Ease Ohio
US Bank Custodian – Lockbox #005191
P O Box 645191
Cincinnati, OH  45264-5191

The Cuyahoga County Treasury will provide payoff information and accept payment in full on a tax lien.

Please make checks payable to:  Cuyahoga County Treasurer.  Payments must be made with guaranteed funds (cash, money order or certified check). 

For additional information regarding the administration of Cuyahoga County tax certificate sales and the 2016 purchase agreement, please click here.

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