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Delinquent Tax Payment Plan

If you are not able to pay your Real Property Taxes, let us help you.  

Payment plans may be available for homeowners who live in their own home.

Commercial, industrial and non-owner occupied residential properties may be eligible for an installment plan, up to 24 months, at the discretion of the Cuyahoga County Treasury. If you default, another payment plan may be offered, at 25% down for up to 24 months. 

You must pay your future current taxes in full and on time in addition to the monthly delinquent  tax payment plan installment.

While on a valid active payment plan, you will not be subject to a Tax Certificate Sale nor will said parcel be offered at a Sheriff’s Sale. 
To find out if you’re eligible for a Delinquent Payment Plan via email, please click REQUEST, or contact us by phone at 216-443-7420.

Please be advised that certain parcels were scheduled for the Cuyahoga County tax certificate sale in 2015.  Even though the sale did not proceed, the property was assessed an Administrative Fee of $100 (as allowed by Ohio Revised Code) that is currently due and payable to the Cuyahoga County Treasury Department.  These charges are in addition to the amounts appearing on the tax bill.  If you are unsure if your parcel has been assessed this charge, please refer to the Taxes tab here on the Fiscal Office website and note “Certificate Pending” status.  If you have paid this charge already, please disregard this notice.